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Take the hassle out of meal prep. Professionally-prepared meal plans tailored to your fitness goals, delivered straight to your doorstep.
Just heat and eat.
1 Premium Quality

Select your package

Choose from one of our fitness meal plans or tailor your own menu to suit your needs. Don’t like fish? Substitute chicken or lean beef! Want to skip the sauce or dressing? Load on carbs! We've given you the option to completely customise every aspect of your meals, ensuring your body gets the specific fuel it craves.

2 Meal Diversity

We source, prepare, cook and pack

Get your head down at the gym while we assemble your order. Using the highest quality ingredients, our professional chefs add their personal touch, giving your meals their signature Fit Fuel taste. The finished dishes are vacuum-sealed and blast-chilled to lock in all the goodness!

3 True Convenience

We deliver

Your delicious meals are then hand-packed into the ''WoolCool'' boxes. Orders placed before midnight Wednesdays are delivered on Fridays - after midnight Wednesday you will receive your meals the following Tuesday

4 Tailored Nutrition


Remove your food from its packaging, replace it in the Fit Fuel box and microwave for seven minutes. Then eat! Alternatively, freeze your meals for a later date. Fit Fuel takes the demanding task of food preparation off your hands. Don't waste time shopping, cooking and cleaning. Get in from the gym, heat your Fit Fuel and eat - it's that easy. Enjoy!

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