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Our Model for Delivering Localism, and What it has Achieved

Our Model for Delivering Localism, and What it has Achieved MCA is a neighbourhood Management Pathfinder with a difference. That difference is that it seeks to develop and deliver neighbourhood renewal models that work, rather than replicate the same old approach that is costly, poor on delivery and unsustainable.

Since 2004 MCA has been developing new tools and models that:

Improve performance of community engagement so that it delivers tangible outcomes for agencies and residents.

Grows local influence so that it improves effectiveness and efficiency of public services

Builds trust between people and public services and so improves local satisfaction levels

In 2004 MCA rejected the established model for area based renewal (i.e. Pump priming projects) as it is too costly, offers low return and is unsustainable. MCA replaced it with a social capital model for renewal designed to create a new relationship between people and the public sector turning the relationship from one that was often adversarial to one that is collaborative.

Local Influence

Manton’s Independent Community Engagement Impact Assessment (based upon Place Survey questionnaire: influence)
41%of local people in Manton said that they influenced (17% said they did not influence) what is happening in their neighbourhood. At the time of the place survey this was the highest return in the East of England, 11% higher than the national average and 16% higher than Bassetlaw.

Local PB Evaluation Survey (2010, small sample of 40 people)
75% said that they influenced what is happening in Manton 25% said they didnot influence

Local Engagement

In 2003/04 Government rated local engagement in Manton as unsatisfactory. By 2010 the accumulative total for those local people participating in MCA is 60% of the population.

MCA also tracks the type of participation people are engaged in (see table above). This is valuable management information.

By focusing on the orange line (i.e.those actively participating) the table above suggests that Manton is moving from a passive to an active and more confident community.
Also, the green line (people taking ownership / decisions and leadership) has more than doubled from 40 in 2007 to 86 in 2011.

Other Outcomes


Each year for the last three years, crime in Manton has fallen greater than the rest of the Police Division.

Manton is no longer in the top 10 areas for ASB in Nottinghamshire

Has Manton Got Better?

The key question is what local people think has been achieved by MCA’s approach. AnIndependent Impact Assessment (2008/09) told us:

55% of those surveyed said that things have changed because of MCA whilst only 17% said that nothing had changed because of MCA.

56% said that on the whole, Manton has got better, only
10% said that it had got worse.

In 2010 a PB evaluation survey highlighted:

75% of those surveyed said that Manton is getting better.

In a ‘What Next Survey’: June2011

60% of those surveyed said that Manton would be worse without MCA

MCA National Awards

Winner of National Neighbourhood Management Team of the year 2007

Finalist in Chartered Institute of Housing National Awards 2010

Finalist in Neighbourhood Environmental category 2010 (Highly commended)

Finalist in Neighbourhood Safer category 2010 (Highly Commended)

MCA also is referred to in publications by Chartered Institute of Housing and I&DEA.

The Future

MCA has developed a model for 'Localism' that is transferable to other areas. The model is presently being studied by OPM (Office for Public Management) and Big Society Network.

A few comments from residents from a 'What next Survey' 13th June 2011:

"…………. and if we lose MCA (Manton Community Alliance) this will all go by the wayside and it will cost millions to get it back again".

"The gap between local people and agencies was so wide, you could say it was a gulf and there was little chance of them ever coming together. But MCA (Manton Community Alliance) have made that link and brought those people together...that has benefited everyone concerned, residents and agencies".

"One of the biggest influences in your life is the society you grow up in and sometimes the culture needs to change to give people a culture that is valuable and offers them a better opportunity to grow up in. MCA (Manton Community Alliance) has helped create a culture that is the type you need to grow up in... "

"The ability to influence has been made available to everyone in this community"

"MCA (Manton Community Alliance) has brought a different culture and changed the 'them and us' attitude and it would never have happened if it wasn't for this Community Alliance (Manton Community Alliance). On your own you are just a person complaining, in a group you have worth. MCA provided a voice."

In summary, MCA has developed, tested and delivered a model for Localism / Big Society that works. It turns passive communities into participatory communities, it helps people to exercise influence on what is going on in their neighbourhood, and it helps public services to be more in tune with people, resulting in those services being more effective and efficient. Finally, the essence of our model is changing the relationship between people and the public sector, turning it from what is often a confrontational relationship into a collaborative relationship.

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